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Garden Friends Set

Item number: DB1203set

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Iris Inchworm - 8x10
Bella Butterfly - 8x10
Jasmine Snail - 8x10
Lily Turtle - 8x10
Faith Frog - 8x10

Garden Friends Set

  • Garden Friends Set
  • Iris - Jasmine - Lily
  • Faith - Jasmine - Bella
  • Faith Frog - 10x8
  • Lily Turtle - 10x8
  • Iris Inchworm - 10x8
  • Bella Butterfly - 10x8
  • Jasmine Snail - 10x8


Snails and Frogs are typically for boys, but not this set. Our Garden Frieds Collection features a frog, butterfly, snail, inch worm, turtle and snail. The difference it the vibrant girl colors and the jewels that adorn these adorable creatures. You can buy the entire collection of 8x10 framed pieces or pick your favorites. They are also each available in a larger size with a customizable background.

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