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Jasmine Snail

Item number: DB1205


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Green Check - Pink Frame

  • Green Check - Pink Frame
  • Green Check - White Frame
  • Green Check - Green Frame
  • Green Check - Flat White Frame
  • Pink Stripe - Flat White Frame
  • Pink Stripe - White Frame
  • Pink Stripe - Green Frame
  • Pink Stripe - Pink Frame
  • Lilac Stripe - Flat White Frame
  • Lilac Stripe - Green Frame
  • Lilac Stripe - White Frame
  • Lilac Stripe - Pink Frame


17.5" x 14.5" Framed Double Giclee of a cute lilac snail. The neckline of the snail is adorned with jewels. Various backrounds, as well as, a smaller size are available. Set includes Lily Turtle, Jasmine Snail and Iris Inchworm. See below for links to coordinating pieces. A hand-painted name or monogram is available on the background mat. The font, size and color of the personalization is at the discretion of the artist.

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